The Renewable Energy Association at UCLA is proud to host student-driven projects.


As a member of the broader educational community, REA recognizes the importance of informing and connecting society to renewable energy resources. Members of our education projects have the opportunity to shape future generations of scholars, businesses, and researchers.


REA proudly hosts ambitious and detailed technical projects, achieved by collaborating with various engineering organizations. Whether it's through financing, programming, or researching renewable energy sources, we provide students from all majors the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their fields.


Bringing together the passion of our members and the greater need for carbon neutrality, REA hosts impactful, community-based projects. Advocating for higher standards in existing buildings and solar resources, members of our projects are directly impact the UCLA community.

Biodiesel Team

Project Description

A project since last year, REA’s Biodiesel Team is working together with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at UCLA to provide students with in-depth, technical experience in bioenergy. With an overall goal to turn waste oils from UCLA’s dining halls into useable biodiesel, our Biodiesel Team is researching the best methods for the purification and transesterification processes. Students are involved with compiling and presenting their findings during weekly meetings as the group prepares for active wetlab.

Weekly Meetings

Fridays, 5-6 PM // MS 5217

Waste Processing Team

Project Description

A new partnership with UCLA Facilities, the Waste Processing Team is analyzing the waste feed of the campus with the hope of developing an on-site, continuous-feed, aerobic biodigestion system. They are working towards the zero-waste goal set by UCLA for 2020 and will perform research and cost-benefit analysis to implement new and customized technologies for the campus.

Weekly Meetings

Mondays, 7-8 PM // MS 5118

Solar Team

Project Description

The Solar Team is devoted to expanding the area of solar coverage at UCLA. This project began as the Ackerman Solar Team, which received $205,000 from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) to expand existing solar installations on Ackerman Union at UCLA. In the 2016-17 school year, the team partnered with the On-Campus Housing Council to erect solar umbrellas near residential dining facilities as part of a solar awareness campaign.

We are committed to raising awareness of solar energy’s impact at UCLA and expanding its in other ways. Various outreach efforts for the 2017-18 school year include the continuation of the Greek Solar Project, aimed at introducing solar power to Greek houses, and the installation of solar collectors to heat recreation pools. These opportunities provide members with experience in marketing, advocacy, and analytics.

Additionally, the Solar Team has partnered with GRID Alternatives to provide members of REA training to participate in rooftop solar installations within underserved communities, providing support for the economically disadvantaged, while continuing to promote the transition to a solar-powered future.

Weekly Meetings

Mondays, 6-7 PM // Ackerman Union Meeting Room

Viewpoint Conference (A201A)

Learn & Teach

Project Description

Education forms a foundation for students to develop a passion in renewable energy. Members of Learn & Teach, previously the Lab School project, have the opportunity to explore renewable energy as they develop and distribute curriculum for younger students.

In previous years, project members have participated in weekly energy-focused lectures for UCLA’s Lab School. Additionally, members participate in the annual Exploring Your Universe fair to bring renewable energy curriculum to the over 1,000 young students in attendance. Now, the Learn & Teach project is expanding its reach beyond the campus community and has partnered with LA Family Housing to bring curriculum to underserved communities.

As the project grows, Learn & Teach members will continue to develop energy-focused curriculum to mentor youth on the importance of sustainability and renewable energy.

Weekly Meetings

Wednesdays, 7-8 PM // Email

for location or more information (Geology Library/Boelter Library Study Room)

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